Nursery Rymes

It is two o’ clock in the morning
The entire world is asleep
Her mind is awake
Missing him near her
Arms wrapped around her waist
Asleep in this bed without her soul
It is gone from this place
Flew out the window today
Leaving her alone with her pain
Her back against the wall
A wall she torn down when he first held her
Standing naked to the mirror
Looking into the place that once held him
She sees that nothing is there just a bleeding heart
Her soul flew away today
Is this confinement a punishment?
For loving someone
Letting herself shed those protective walls
Only to watch her heart bleed
Damn him for loving her
She had always kept her distance from love
So she would feel nothing
Now standing in front of herself
All she sees is the love that he had given her
Tears flood her face
Like the river as the dam breaks
She has loved and been loved
So Humpty Dumpty had a fall
The piece shall be put back together again
It is two o’ clock in the morning


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