September Happy Homemaker Tag Along

For this month along with my art piece a day I have also completed my September Happy Homemaker Tag.  I call it Post Mod it is simple but I made it with my Aunt Hattie in mind.   She and my Uncle Henry where two extremely hip people in the 70’s I remember their apartment being done up in post modern furniture from the 60’s.  I was just a small girl but my memories of them are still strong when you went to their place there was always a candy dish full of smarty’s a hug and soda to keep you occupied while the adults talked.  Aunt Hattie wore these great black cat eye glasses, wore Capri pants and cardigan set but it was her laugh that was like a witches hackle that was enduring.  She and my Uncle passed away when I was still quite young but their spirits still linger within me every time I have a smarty candy I think of them. 

I used spray ink to create the background, the bodice is from a stamp along with the head and I used blue rick rack to create a chocker and embellished with steam punk sprockets.  The sides are created with a Martha punch.  

Also while you are here please check out my giveaway for free software.  Thanks and come back soon.

My Memories Suite Giveaway (Closed)

Congratulations Amanda I will sending you an email with everything. Thank you for your comment.

I was asked to try and review MyMemories Suite It is  a wonderful digital scrapbooking software.  In case you have never heard about them here is a little snippet from their site:

My Memories Suite version 2 software is a complete digital scrapbooking solution that provides a powerful set of creative tools and multiple sharing options that no other software can offer. Its intuitive workspace and enhanced time-saving features are perfect for a beginner to build an entire album in minutes, or to empower the design pro to build a scrapbook album masterpiece.

First off the software was easy to download and install on my computer and once installed the user friendly tabs made creating a snap.  On the first night I had so much fun creating pages that I stayed up well past my normal bed time.  But it is just not for scrapbooking pages I was able to create a wonderful digital slideshow with music, this too was a snap and the ability to share this with friends, family and you is all the more reason I am knocked out by the software. 

I also like that there are numerous designs that you can download along with embellishments, and paper this gives you a variety to display your precious photos to mark those unique occasions. 
My Memories has also given me the opportunity to giveaway one mymemories suite to one of you guys so here are the ways you can win:

First leave a comment go to My Memories and tell me which design you like the most. (this will count as one entry)

Following them on twitter so you can get the latest and let me know that you did (this will count as one entry) My Memories Twitter

Like them on facebook and let me know you did:  My Memories Facebook

I will be drawing a winner using you have until September 13th and I will announce the winner on September 14th
They also have a wonderful blog with tutorials, weekly challenges and more check them out at My Memories Blog
 So since I am doing an art piece a day I have decided to add this:


I made it with my memories making it into a slideshow.  It is for the letter F for Fiest her song is the backdrop.

Thanks again until tomorrow and the Letter G.
Good luck

E is for Echo and the Bunnymen

Sorry so late getting this up but with Labor Day events with the in-laws I am a bit behind.  I first heard Echo and the Bunnymen while staying at my friends house, he was a great influence in my musical taste introducing me to more British music along with underground acts of the 80's.  It was due to him that I first heard the Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedy's and Echo he was one of the reasons during Junior High I wore a shirt with cockroaches all over it (screen painted) black hammer pants, red bowling shoes, army jacket and shaved the side of my head. Punk and alternative music was my choice during that decade and Echo was just one of the bands that I adored. They had a Gothic overtone for a rebellious youth it was perfect music for the mood.  In 1984 I got to see them live back in the day I was notorious for winning concert tickets off the radio most of the concert I saw was because I won the tickets either for answering trivia questions or just being the lucky caller.  Of course I had to take my friend who got me into their music in the first place as you can see from the ticket I still have we also meet the opening act The Fleshtones who happened to be out in the lobby while we where getting drinks they where nice enough to sign the ticket.  I have spoken about my son meeting his tech celebrities and how I get giddy when that happens, because once when I was young I to had the opportunity to meet some of my musical idols, by chance, or by design and those memories are still vivid.  

My art tonight is something I threw together I drew it and as you can see drawing is not my forte.  It is very grade school chic, but it is a piece of art all the same. The song today is "Lips Like Sugar" as you can see her lips are made of sugar.   I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend and that you where blessed with family, friends and good weather.  We are enjoying the cool front that took us from 102 to 91 I need to see if my sweater still fits for this cool weather :).  Until tomorrow which will be brought to you by the Letter F. 

Good Night

D is for The Dresden Dolls

I found the Dresden Dolls one day about 5 years ago while searching on You Tube for “Mien Herr” from Cabaret when the Dresden Dolls version pop up so I had to listen to it all I can say it was love at first note.  I feel in love with what they call Brechtian Punk Cabaret, a little performance art with a laid back approach to the music and their writing is emotional to the core.  The band is made up of two people Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione yet their sound is powerful and well rounded.  Upon hearing their earlier work I was hooked so much so that I had their cd in my car to run continually for over a month.  They tap into my theatrical sensibility with the over the top way they perform seeing them is like going to the theater you leave feeling like you witness history.  My niece and I constantly share music what we are listening to at the moment from her I have found some amazing artist so when I found The Dresden Dolls I had to share my find and she shared the love I did so much so we had to let my young nephew hear them too.  Last year the Dresden Dolls came to Houston to play in a small venue called Fitzgerald’s this concert fell close to my Niece’s birthday so as a gift I took her and my nephew to see them.  We stood on the balcony level overlooking the stage as we witness’s pure magic as they performed all of our favorite songs we sang along together with about 300 people.  The best part of the night was sharing the moment with my family seeing the joy in their eyes as for a moment we were chained together in mutual respect for the music we shared a passion for. I have seen tons of concerts in my life and this one was one of the best I had ever seen.  Amanda Palmer did a solo album which is also on my continually playlist along with other projects she has done, both are an extraordinary talent.

So for The Dresden Dolls I did a Coin Operated Boy.  He is manipulated by the beautiful marionette who in her search for love has been hurt so much that it is easier for her to live with her coin operated boy.
Until tomorrow with the letter E…..


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