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Dragon Tales

So I am going to be a great aunt in September which has inspired me to create.  My nephew and his wife are expecting a little boy whom they have named David James or DJ for short.  They both love mystical creatures and have a sizable collection of pewter and statues of fairies, dragons, and knights.  So it goes without saying the baby's room theme is Knights.  With that in mind I wanted to create for him an original piece of art many idea's ran through my head and by accident I came up a canvas piece.  I started with a 8" x 5" canvas, I traced a cute dragon picture from a fantasy crafter's design book (I don't possess the ability to draw. I can trace like a true artist.) I traced it onto the canvas and with my prismasoft markers color in the design.  I used a light blue wash on the canvas to add dimension and took the old say "What little boys are made of" and changed it to fit the piece.  I can't wait to give the piece to them it is something t…