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Happy 4th

Sorry been awhile since I updated, but with my arm being shot for over a week I finally have time and both hands to type. I had tendinitis in my rotator cup and with a week of steroids it is back to normal which I am happy about because I don’t know how much longer I could wash my hair with one hand. The heat here is making me crazy we haven’t seen a good rain since May along with over 1 of temps in the 100’s the fourth is going to be hot. So my plans are to spend it with family and friends watching the fireworks from Downtown Houston then spending the rest of the time pool side at my friend’s apartments. My hubby informed me the figs on the tree where ready to be picked and since the bugs are not as bad I needed to pick them. So today I took my blue bucket to pick them to make Fig Jam and Fig and Strawberry Jam this is my first time to make jam so cross my fingers I did it right. I can’t wait for the grapes to ripen so we can make wine also a first for me. Our neighbors where sw…