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My Memories Suite Review and Giveaway

I was recently asked to review the My Memories Suite software and I have to say I am in love with it.With the birth of my great nephew my camera has been in over drive when I see him.This software gives me the option to create wonderful digital scrapbook pages, albums, calendar and interactive albums that I can share with my family.I am more of a digital junky when it comes to my photography and scrapbooking since I have family scattered around the country, digital expression is more convenient and with My Memories Suite I am able to do that in some of the most exciting ways, they make it easy to share by allowing you to create a video that you can upload onto your ipod, iphone, and ipad jut by syncing it with your Itunes.So I was able to upload the album of my nephew’s first 10 month to my iphone , when I am out and want to brag I can.Just image you are at a family reunion you pull out your phone and share your creativity of scrap booking with others. You are also able to add music …

The Craftroom Fairy

I have been in a creative funk lately, the inter working of my mind has taken a vacation and left me with a dull do nothing attitude that is until I did my daily blog reading at Creative Breathing and Elizabeth had made a wonderful button keeper out of paperclay.  I bought some paper clay back in December hoping to create some fun snowmen but never did, so her button keeper inspired me to try my hand at it.  When I started I told myself to let it tell me what it wanted to be I worked on it one night, then two days later I painted it and so on until it said Hey Shean I want to be a craft room fairy to help you get inspired.  So here is my first paper clay creation with more to come soon.  Thank you Elizabeth for the inspiration it helped my mind come back from vacation.