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Work in Progress

I have taken a sabbatical the last week so my projects have been on the back burner. I have so many to start and finish that my summer will be rocking. I have tu-tu to make the tulle is just waiting to done, tons of kids patterns for dresses, pants and hats. I need to work on some baby quilts and other baby theme things. So here is what I have in process right now:
This the the quilt top for my mother in law's quilt. I need to tie it and add some details.

From goodies

Remember the S snake I was working on based on my niece's drawing:

From Dairy of an Unconscious Mind

Well here he is so far I still need to add his belly, tail and cape

From goodies

So there you go a update of my slow process, but vacation time is coming so I can open up the windows to let the sun in and sew sew sew.

Pinching Pennies June Cleaver Style

During these tough economical times I have had to tighten my purse strings. I started to learn how to really use coupons, reward cards, checking out sales ad and traveling back to a time when arm and hammer was all you needed to get everything clean. I was so proud of myself this weekend when I took my coupon organizer, list, and Kroger’s reward card to grocery shop I saved over 30 dollars I was jumping up and down. When we first bought this house I researched online on how to make meal plans, make ahead meals and more, but after awhile it feel to the wayside as life gets in my way, but working in the oil industry has put a quash on that, so it is back to channeling my mother for the way she kept a house with 5 children in line. So I went back to the internet to find the answers to June Cleaverism and found a world of information , so I am please to give you the frugal links that have made my life easier if you have small children there are some great site out there for samples, cou…

My Favorite Things and Places


These are a few of my favorite things.

I have always been a thrift store freak not just because of the prices but because I love interesting things. Thrift stores are like my carnival I can spend hours digging through all the stuff and when it was just me and my son most of his clothes, toys and shoes came from there. When we moved to Magnolia/Tomball I was so happy they had two thrift stores in town a place on Saturdays I can rummage through I am glad my better half loves to go also. So I have placed a group of some of the finds I have found along with what I have aquired from Freecycle (go to and look to see what people have in your area.) if you are not familiar with it, it is a place where people are trying to give away stuff they have no use for to keep it out of landfills. Also another place I have found is
where goodwills from across the country put stuff on to auction it off like ebay, I have found tons of patterns, sewing, scrap…

Crazy Days in my house

I am sorry for neglecting the blog lately, but with Will’s Prom, Graduation and the party the last few weeks are crazy. So I am playing catch up with everything.

I participated in a spring swap at the six o’clock stitch on Friday one of my partners Aunt LoLo at LoLo Crafts package came in the mail it brighten my day, I loved the butterflies. Butterflies for me symbolize my mother’s spirit, every time I see one I think of her. So having these butterflies hanging in my room I feel my mother looking over me. Many thanks for this beautiful creation. This is it:

My baby is so grown up last Saturday was his senior prom, he decided to go it alone and meet up with a group of friends. My son being the terribly shy had a hard time with asking someone, but at least he went an had a great time. After the prom they have project prom in which those who sign up for it are bused to a location to be locked in until 5:00 in the morning. They went to Dave and Buster’s they played laser tag, video g…