Work in Progress

I have taken a sabbatical the last week so my projects have been on the back burner. I have so many to start and finish that my summer will be rocking. I have tu-tu to make the tulle is just waiting to done, tons of kids patterns for dresses, pants and hats. I need to work on some baby quilts and other baby theme things. So here is what I have in process right now:
This the the quilt top for my mother in law's quilt. I need to tie it and add some details.

From goodies

Remember the S snake I was working on based on my niece's drawing:

From Dairy of an Unconscious Mind

Well here he is so far I still need to add his belly, tail and cape

From goodies

So there you go a update of my slow process, but vacation time is coming so I can open up the windows to let the sun in and sew sew sew.


Aunt LoLo said…
Love the projects...and the new header is so cute!

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