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Birthday Cheer for my beloved Niece

My niece and I have an close relationship, every morning we talk as we drive to work and later in the evening on our way home. We share musical taste, books, movies and some television show she is like the younger sister I never had. Our 13 year difference has not hampered this when she was a teenager I was the one who taught her the fine art of her mother's moods, how to sneak in the house the forbidden CD and where to hide your private thoughts so your mom won't snoop. I knew these tricks since her mom is my big sister. So as her 30th birthday approached I had to give her a gift that expressed how much she means to me, we both share a love of Día de los Muertos and collect the colorful skulls that mark that day. So I came up with an idea of making her a Día de los Muertos shrine to her grandparents & great grandparents. With the help of a Cloth, Scissor and Paper tutorial I made each of them bright and colorful just like they where in life. I was excited when she opened …