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Spring Shirt Challenge

I participated in Made by Rae's Spring Shirt Challenge a I am proud to present my effort. This is the first piece of clothing I have ever made and I am so proud of my effort. I used a tutorial of I found on Sew Mama Sew that was provided by Rae. I used fabric I got from Fat Quarter shop which I love my hubby calls it the nipple print along with green broad cloth. As I sewed this I listened to the soundtrack of Spring Awakening and Tina Dalco on my Ipod, it took me 3 1/2 hours on Friday night, but it is done. Hubby was a huge help with getting the straps right and added advice only once did I have to use the seam ripper to take the pleats out because I misjudge the amount of fabric I need to have, I forgot I was a little more chunky then I thought. So thank you Rae for a great challenge and helping me to expand my sewing horizons.

Spring has Sprung

The head gardener has made many purchase to add to our every growing lawn. He loves this time of year and spends his weekend in the yard, so I am pleased to share with you his efforts. Here is a flickr set of our house with his green thumb resides just click on the link to flickr:

One Day Your Prince Will Come

My mother wrapped me around fairy tale dreams, gallant Prince's who would sweep you off your feet and you would live happily ever after. I had a plaque she gave me with a frog that said,"You have to kissing a lot of frog to find your Prince." I took that an ran with it. My parent where married for 48 years when my mother passed away, my dad was devoted to her so I grew up with a true sense of what love meant. So it was not odd that I believed in fairy tales and wanted my own. I meet my Prince in 1999 when I started to work at the same place my sister did, it was a year after my mom died and I had a mental breakdown leading me to leave the law firm I worked for. When I first met him I did not like him I thought he was to arrogant and thought to highly of himself (things I usually like), but he started to grow on me little by little. It was during a major computer reworking in anticipation of 2000 that I started to get a little smitten by him. He was the IT guy so I made s…