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Let Freedom Ring

Welcome to July and my monthly Homemaker Tag at CreativeBreathing.   July is a month of optimism a time in our country to reflect on what the USA means to each of us, just like all birthdays are a time of reflection.   I was raised in a house filled with pride in our country, respect for the constitution that held our country together.  My parents were born during the stock market crash of 1929, they were teen-ager's during World War II and were married in 1950 in a time of renewal for our young country, raised 5 children during the turbulent 60’s, educated us during the 70’s, watched us start our own lives during the 80’s and 90’s and we lost them in the early 21st century.  I was taught to respect the Presidency, the Constitution, and God.  I was blessed to have a father who loved the law, arguing and teaching with experience as opposed to fancy book learning.   My dad was a yellow dog Democrat, yet he was the most conservative man I knew, but he taught me to debate and to alway…

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