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Virtual Mother's Day

2 years ago during SXSW I had the pleasure I watching one of the most entertaining magician play to a crowd of Diggnation fans his name is Brian Brushwood  Home Pagehe is a magician, podcast host for Twit NSFW and scammer extraordinaire on Scam School Scam School. After meeting him during 2009 SXSW I started to watch his podcast called BBLive became a great fan and told my son about it, he to became a fan. On Tuesday during a NSFW episode  74 Michael Rooker and your  Mom  at 35:07 they start to  talk about us. 

During this episode my great son got to send me a Mother’s Day Virtual Card from the great actor Michael Rooker , I have been a fan of his since Eight Men Out and recently The Walking Dead’s Merle. My favorite part was the flub by Mr. Brushwood saying that my son and I  yearly track is a mother-daughter moment.  Luckly, my son is used to playful teasing  so the reaction had him in stitches. Today I sent a email to the guys of NSFW to thank them for the card the following is the e…