Good Day Paul Harvey

Today I heard of the passing of Paul Harvey which has saddened me so. I first heard Paul Harvey as a young girl while staying with my Papaw in Shreveport. Every day during the summer my Papaw would spend the afternoon in the back bedroom listening to the Baseball games, I would sit with him as we listen on a small transmitter radio. After the game at the same time everyday Paul Harvey would come on telling tales from the day, short antidotes, and funny facts this all to the delight of my Papaw and me. During the summer months I spent in Shreveport I relished the moments my Papaw and I sat in the bedroom listening to the game and Paul Harvey it was our moment. My Papaw passed away in 1980 when I was just 12, but I would make sure that I turned my radio to the station that had Paul Harvey it was like my Papaw was with me. So thank you Mr. Harvey for the memories telling me the rest of the story making me remembers my Papaw, to you Good Day.

This is a picture of my beloved Mamaw and Papaw.


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