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Can't Go Home Again

I went home again to see my beloved youth, but with adult eyes. I grew up in Bellaire, Texas a city within a city of Houston a place that had well manicured yards, tree line streets, cozy homes built in after Word War II. It was a magical place where everyone knew their neighbor; we rode bikes all around the neighborhood and most of us went to the same schools from elementary to high school. It was the perfect Ozzy and Harriett life we grew up in the early 70’s with the bicentennial vibe painting the fire plugs to look like the American flag, with parades through the city main street.

Yesterday, I spent time with some of those people who had a great impact on the person I became later in life. I learned I had a voice in the sixth grade it was the one grade that my memories are the most vivid; when I look at that time it is like I am there again. It the first time I heard the B-52’s, Ramones, and other alternative music all in the room of Greg, his influence on my musical taste has l…

Purple Paisley Patch International Women's Day

Today is International Women's Day Purple Paisley had a swap that I participated in. I recieved my package yesterday so I was excited to open it today. I am sorry this post is late, but I had a renuion last night so I am recovering. So my partner Nicole sent me all the way from Alaska this beautiful package.

I would like to say thank you so much I can't wait to use them on my projects. Thank you also to Purple Paisley for this idea.