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C is for Coulton


B is for Bowie

B is for Bowie, David Bowie.  First hearing David Bowie was like a religious experience sneaking into my brother’s room a young child of 9 slowly raising the top of the line record player placing the album on to the turntable, gently placing the needle on to the record I was shaking with excitement.  Placing the headphones over my ears I gently fall back into the bean bag chair with the album cover in my hands looking deeply into the beautiful face of an Androgynous David Bowie as he sings about the journey of an alien rock star.  Bowie was like a demigod to me his voice, the lyric, and his ever present sex appeal made him a star upon my bedroom walls through all of his transformations.  He like Pete Townsend where my heartthrobs their voices touch my very soul making me pick up a pen and paper to write my poetry.  When we got cable in the late 70’s I was able to see him in The Man Who Fell to Earth a movie that introduced me to his talent as an actor, later I would see all his movies…

A is for ABBA

When I first heard Abba in the mid 70’s I was memorized by the sound.  The harmonies, the upbeat rhythm and the stories they told were inspiring to my young feet.  I would take my crochet poncho and make it into my stylish dance skirt, put on my leotards, tights and ballet slippers , turn on my record player and play “Dancing Queen” to my own choreograph.  I did this in the living room which had hardwood floors I would push the coffee table out of the way and dance in front of our huge bay windows.  I can only imagine what the neighbors thought, probably something along the lines of look at that weird child.  So I am starting the month with Abba’s  I am a Marionette, because a lot of times in life we all feel like someone is pulling our strings.
My tag reflects the marionette only this one is free from the strings that bind her.

For your listening pleasure here is the song that inspired this tag.  I have also included the lyrics. See you tomorrow for the Letter B. 

"I'm A Marion…

What can Happen in a Year