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So much to do so little time

I have been bad in not keeping up with the blog, but so much to do so little time. As the year slowly comes to a end my hands have been busy getting present mapped out, meals planned and schedules to maintain. William is about to start his finals and complete his first semester of college, he has gotten the driving part down and little by little he creeps closer to driving further out of his comfort zone (the freeway). I made my first big girl quilt for my niece a Day of the Dead theme which I gave her November 4th though it had lots of issues she did love it. I also finally got around to making my first pair of PJ's which are comfortable so now it is back to Joann's for more fabric so everyone in the family can be twinkies. This year is a handmade Christmas so I will be living in my craft room until then.

Here is a pic of the quilt and PJ's