Into Waters Unknown-January Edition Happy Homemaker Tag Swap

So a new year begins and with it comes the possibility of what can be achieved this time.   Goals to be meet creative idea to exchange and aspire to.  So I begin this year with open eyes, heart and with my soul outstretched to let the light shine in. 

I have joined a Tag Swap hosted by one of the very first blogs I read when I began my journey into the craft realm, Elizabeth of Bluebird Papercrafts with her gift for storytelling, vintage take on crafts has inspired me so much.  Each month I will try my hand at a new tag to reflect my take on the months, but also a reflection of the journey I am taking.  The rules are to purchase once a set of paper then use that and whatever you have on hand throughout the year. I am using the K&C Company Daydreams pad and I choose this because of the cartoon whimsy to collaborate with my women, kind of like something old and something quirky just like me. I also am using whatever I have socked away in my file cabinet that have been collecting dust for not using them.  My theme for the swap is I am Woman (sing along to Helen Reedy); I am using a collection of centuries of woman up to the Victorian era.  I have always been drawn to the artist like Monet, Van Gough, and others that portray a woman in her full beauty not like a Barbie doll, but as Ruben saw them.  Just like I love the fashions of the 20’s to the 40’s the tailor look, I love the form of woman during the beginning of time until the Victoria age.

My first set is titled “Into Waters Unknown,” this is my first tag I have ever made and like the title I am embarking into waters unknown to me.  As this year began I made my way to the doctor for an annual checkup only to be told that my weight is skyrocketing to the point of no return.  With this news I am beginning to walk myself into a more healthy person my goal is to lose 55 pounds this year my strategy is portion control, food journal, walking and yoga.  My hubby has a gluten allergy so my house is going gluten free (my son who just turned 20 can maintain his own space in the pantry) so this will help with my carb addiction to some extent.  Another goal this year is to walk in at least 2 charity walks, my niece is pushing for the annual Zombie walk which raises money for local charities.  This is my favorite idea since I get to pull out the makeup, trash old clothes and scream “Brains, Fresh Brains.”  The second is still up in the air.  On my walking goal I plan to use my camera and the multitude of trails in my area to get fit while taking in nature’s gifts.  So this is the year I turn the dvr on to record (I can’t miss my Dr. Who) open the window to breath, this I hope will become a refuge to inspire me to keep on keeping on.  I have never been one to make goals my thinking is with no goals I am never disappointed when I fail, but that has only lead me to laziness. So this year I have my planner, a family that wants me to face my fears to better myself and inspiration from a blogosphere to keep me challenging my creative side.  So January I dive into waters unknown let see where the journey takes us this year. 

"Into Waters Unknown"

K&C Company Daydreams
Close up

 I have to share what my talented niece made for me this Christmas she is a true inspiration and talent.

My favorite Pin-Up calendar


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