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In the Spring Rag Doll Challege

I will be participating Blitheandblonde's In the Spring Rag Doll Challenge. I have never made a rag doll before so this will be new and fun. I would like to invite you all to click on the link above to join in. I have the perfect fabric for her to celebrate Spring. Check back to see what I made.

Shared Space Part Duex

Since I have been in my little space I decided that it need more of me in it. So I went through a box with some picture my mom framed when I was young. They have been in the garage since we bought our house 3 years ago I just never had the right place to hang them. I added some thrift store finds along with everything. My fabric corner is small but with the addiction I am getting it soon will grow. So here is the new look for now.