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Pilgrimage to Geek Mecca

The pilgrimage of the geek is over and done for this year. I sit writing this with a sunburned body, cramped legs, and a smile deep in my heart for the joy that was upon my son’s face. For the last two year my Liam and I have made our trek to SXSW Interactive in Austin a kind of Mecca for tech geeks a place where someone wearing a shirt that says “I π” is commented on as, “hey that is cool”. It opens its arms out to everyone, embracing you with a familiar touch that says you belong, we don’t care that everyone at your school thinks you are a strange kid, because we know how you feel. So this years trek was to be something special for Liam a year to top last in terms of the experience we could have together, so weeks before we scoured the internet for places to go things that must be seen in our limited weekend.
So with knowledge on our laptops we got in the car for the drive to Mecca, my son of course started the trip off with a bang playing a podcast of Diggnation that was the bes…