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Happy Mother's Day to All

I am stopping my quilt make for my mother in law to wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day. I lost my mom 11 years ago so I miss her dearly, I miss that she and my father are not here to see my son graduate from High School, that I have made a home for myself, or to see the woman I have become. As I have written she started to get sick in my teens and passed away after I turned 30, but truly she was really active in my upbringing for those 17 years. I miss her laugh, her twisted sense of humor, her generous spirit and her ability to make friends with anyone. As I watch my son grow I reflect on lesson I was taught by her something I am sad to say I didn't appreciate at the time, but I do catch myself thinking of her when my sister and I tell tales of our parents. So to you all take a moment and thank the women who shaped our lives, touch the hands that put us to sleep, wiped our brows when we where sick, kiss the lips that always made the boo-boos stop hurting and laugh loud in joy…