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It is August, time for this month’s Happy Homemaker Tag Along.  Living in Texas August is the hottest month and right now here in Houston/Tomball we are going through our 8th consecutive  day with Temps over 100 degrees on top of that we have not seen rain for months.   Our poor yard is looking like something out of a Mad Max movie, so all we can do is pray for rain enough to lift this drought.  August also is a hectic month with family birthdays, college starting back up and my nephew’s baby shower it makes for fun through the house.    In our humble abode right my son is on a Netflix Japanese movie marathon, we have had the pleasure of watching Japanese horror, comedies and on a rare occasion a documentary.  Though he has the ability to watch some of this instantly (which he does more than not) some sound so interesting I have been renting DVD’s.  In his first year of college he decided to take Japanese  as his dream is to one day go to Japan, but his love of all thing Asian has be…