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I love the mailman

I love the mailman especially when she brings packages from all around. Saturday I received a bountiful package from Calamity Kim from the giveaway. I was truly blown away by everything it made my Easter weekend. I found a place for everything and it has brighten up my room. My hubby loved the tea towel it is displayed on our fridge with the note of do not wipe your hands on this or the queen will have your head. Thank you so much.

It rained most of the morning on Easter Sunday but once it passed it was a beautiful sunny day, my family spent it with my sister her family and friends with the little ones having a egg hunt and the adult later having one with scratch off lottery tickets (I won my money back). Every year my sister and I give each other small gifts, I made her a purse as you can see I messed up the handles, but I told her that it made it a Shean original. I got the pattern from You Can Make This I loved how easy it was to follow.

I am glad she loved it, my niece had a pump…