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In the Spring Rag Doll Challenge-Skippy

So today is the first day of Spring and with it is the In Spring Rag Doll Challenge. Here is my very first doll that I have ever made. I am new to using a sewing machine and this is challenge help me learn new techniques that I had never tried. So thank you blitheandblonde for this challenge. I can't wait to see the others. Happy Spring to all.

Here name is Skippy, she is Mother Natures grand-daughter. With her smile she makes the sun shine, a wave of the hand the wind blows a cool breeze, and a wink of the eye the flowers bloom.

Meeting Your Heroes

To meet ones hero is a rare occasion, but when it happens the world slows down and a second is like a lifetime. To give that gift to someone is priceless seeing the smile, the eyes bright and for a moment pure happiness. This weekend I was able to give my son a priceless gift of meeting his heroes. To those of you who are not as tech savvy my son and I traveled 2 ½ hours to Austin to see Diggnation a podcast show on Revision 3, I highly recommend checking them out. Going to a Diggnation live event is equal to going to see Judas Priest concert do to the loyal fans who like my son and I waited in line to get in for 3 hours. So the journey began for him as he made his way to the front of the stage I had to leave the confines of the mosh like pit to better ventilation. I had a nice chat with the CEO of Digg who is the most accommodating person I have every meet. He made each person that he spoke with feel like they mattered, his laid back attitude made you feel like he was an old frie…