In the Spring Rag Doll Challenge-Skippy

So today is the first day of Spring and with it is the In Spring Rag Doll Challenge. Here is my very first doll that I have ever made. I am new to using a sewing machine and this is challenge help me learn new techniques that I had never tried. So thank you blitheandblonde for this challenge. I can't wait to see the others. Happy Spring to all.

Here name is Skippy, she is Mother Natures grand-daughter. With her smile she makes the sun shine, a wave of the hand the wind blows a cool breeze, and a wink of the eye the flowers bloom.


Beansieleigh said…
This is your FIRST doll?!! Oh my goodness... Well, very nice job!!.. And I LOVE the birds on her dress!
City.Girl.Em said…
Very nice job! You can't tell me you are a first time certainly sew like you've been doing it a very long time! I love how you made her hair and her embroidered face.

Very nice! Thanks for joining in!
Lynn Guinn said…
Great job! I love Skippy! I also like your music and movie choices.
Skippy turned out great! I'm impressed that you embroidered her face. I had to paint on my dolls face. I can't seem to master embroidery... I need to keep trying.
ThankYou! i was a little sick last night & went to bed after posting mine(since im on australian time so your day is our night) & was only just able to reply. Your doll is so springtime pretty! with luscious golden locks. sparkles of springshine,
Nancy said…
Skippy is so cute. A great job for a first time sewer.

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