Meeting Your Heroes

To meet ones hero is a rare occasion, but when it happens the world slows down and a second is like a lifetime. To give that gift to someone is priceless seeing the smile, the eyes bright and for a moment pure happiness. This weekend I was able to give my son a priceless gift of meeting his heroes. To those of you who are not as tech savvy my son and I traveled 2 ½ hours to Austin to see Diggnation a podcast show on Revision 3, I highly recommend checking them out. Going to a Diggnation live event is equal to going to see Judas Priest concert do to the loyal fans who like my son and I waited in line to get in for 3 hours. So the journey began for him as he made his way to the front of the stage I had to leave the confines of the mosh like pit to better ventilation. I had a nice chat with the CEO of Digg who is the most accommodating person I have every meet. He made each person that he spoke with feel like they mattered, his laid back attitude made you feel like he was an old friend. As I watched from the sidelines as 1,800 people cheered for two guys sitting on a couch just bullshitting, it made me appreciate my son even more. Will up front and center cheering with his hands in the air, yelling chug to the host, was reminiscent to me at a concert at his age watching my hero singing “Crazy Train.” Photos were taken of Will and all the guys as we walked through the crowd again the people of the show where the most laid back sure I will take a picture with you , my autograph why of course. As a mother this made me happy that they made a young adult feel like he was important, a memory that will stay with him a lifetime. Here are some of the pictures I took while there, as soon as Will gets his photos developed I will add those. Photos.


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