Not my first Rodeo

Houston Rodeo is over and a great time was had by all.  Here are some photos I took from the last day of the Rodeo.  Enjoy

Houston Livestock Show

When Star Trek is not Enough or My Saga in Geekdom

When March approaches the vibe in the house changes from watching the SyFy Channel to listening to TWIT, Twitter and podcasts.   March rings in my yearly trip to Geek Mecca in Austin, Texas or also known as SXSW Interactive.  From March 11-13 a large group of Geeks converge on Austin to mix and mingle in the realm of Interactive Media and Film, with Music following for another week.  This was my son and I 3rd year to go, usually it is just us two but this year we decided to take my 16 year old nephew who as he put it felt so out of place like a cat at a dog run.  We began this year with hitting up the multitude of food carts located around the city; we had cupcakes, waffle and chicken, hot dogs and found the best old school soda shops.  If you every go to Austin I suggest heading to S. Congress to Big Top a true blue soda fountain/candy store, we had Dublin Dr. Pepper’s made by the soda jerk and must when I go back to Austin this summer.  We embarked on the Coventition Center to check out the new games coming out (this is where I begin my free shirt collection) then check out shops for artwork. We watched as Brian Brushwood of NSFW podcast and Scam School interviewed people standing in line for the IPad 2 which was a first for us to watch.  The next day we stood in line from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. so that Liam could be first in line to Diggnation’s (another podcast) which proved to be monumental for Liam as he was pulled on stage for a magic trick and commented on by the other host. This was the year he enjoyed the most meeting everyone again and them remembering him. The guys from NSFW welcomed me with open arms as they comment on my son, it makes me happy that he gets to meet his idols every year. 

While in Austin I had the pleasure of having the best breakfast every. A little place called Full English, I had homemade bangers, eggs and bacon which was organic from local farmers in the area. A must to go to in Austin you will not regret it. 

So I plan for next year when my son will be 21 and able to enjoy SXSW more fully with parties etc.  So I am saving up for next year to get the passes and look forward to an experience that beats all. So now normalice reins in the house with Star Trek blaring in the background. Live Long and Prosper.


April Showers Bring May Flowers

It is April and with it comes this month’s Happy Homemaker Tag Along.  March madness has passed and it was full of adventures I am in the process of writing about it. Yet, April full of promise of  new birth and a renewing spirit shines.  Living in Tomball Texas (Houston area) we have two seasons each year hot and hotter, we don’t really get to see the beauty of changing season like my friends to the North and East, but  when a nice cool front comes in and the humidity drops a beautiful spring day can make me smile.  Texas has being lacking in rain so the Bluebonnets have been dismissal so to help ring in April in style. With her parasol to reflect the sun she also can shield the rain. The women in my banner is my grandmother this photo was taken at a park in Louisiana around 1923.  Hope all have a beautiful Spring. 

I begin with  my picture
I use Prismacolor to color

I used this stamp to add texture

My stash of ephemera and embellishments

I used glitter this time man that was messy

Brightness is defined on this


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