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Work in Progress or Something I am Attempting to Make

My niece is a talented artist and since I can't draw I asked her to design something for me. I was driving home one day while listening to Amanda Palmer's CD I had a brainstorm. A friend of mine had triplets 7 months ago and I have been trying to think of something to make them, there are 2 girls and a boy who are the most adorable babies. I needed something as cute as them so I thought that it would be cute to make dolls using the letter of their first name. I called my niece who I talk with everyday on my commute home (which is an 1hr.) to tell her of my ideal, so together we came up with a design which she drew that night. So I am going to share her design to give you all an ideal of what is to come. They will be made of fabric and felt with pockets so that I can add ribbon with Velcro to fasten to stroller. If they work out right we have decided to do all the alphabet. So please leave a comment sharing your thoughts or to let me know of an animal that may fit the letters o…