Tales from the Great Aunt

I found out about two weeks that I am going to be a Great Aunt again.  Coming from a family of 4 siblings I have a lot of nephews and nieces and have been blessed to have 2 great nephews and 3 great nieces.  The only thing is with them is I have not had the pleasure of seeing them in a number of years.  When I found out that my sister was to become a grandmother for the first time I was excited because of the relationship I have with her children.  My nephew who has wanted to be a father for a long time has been blessed and we will get to meet the bundle of joy sometime in late August or September.  This is the same little boy at the age of 3 told me as we were swinging in the backyard that he wanted to marry me someday, it was hard to tell him that though it was a beautiful thought he couldn’t because I was his aunt.  I used to change his diapers, babysat him and his sister, singing him songs, chase him through the house to give him hugs and hold him when he had his tantrums yelling he hated me.  There is 16 years difference between us, but has been a joy to watch over the years going from a boy to become a father.  Once I heard the news I began to pull out all my craft books making plans on the projects I can’t wait to dive into for this little person.  My first project I decided to take an 18” x 22” canvas painting it turquoise, I then took the snippet fabric by moda cutting out the kids.  I glued them to a scrapped file folder cutting them out and glued them to the canvas.  Using wonder under I cut out the outfits heating them to the kids, I then took wooden ovals painting them white and adding thought bubbles. Each bubble represents what they want, my nephew loved the fairy if I would have put a dragon also I would have hit the trificta.  This is just the beginning of the projects next on the WIP is a circus quilt.  

The beginning

The middle

The End

A Rose By Any Other Name: February’s Happy Homemaker Tag Along

Having the last name of Valentine, February can be either a curse or a blessing.  Growing up my mother made this month even more exciting than Christmas, she would say “This is our month. We are true Valentine’s we
are so special we have a day name for us.”  So I grew up looking forward to February 14th or as I like to call ME DAY, she would shower us with handmade candy, cards, presents and a special dinner.  When I went to school I carried my handmade Valentine’s along with candy to class, with a song in my heart I looked forwarded to the excitement of a day filled with warm hugs.  The only down side was that everyone is class would come up to me and ask how do you spell Valentine after a while I just told them to bring me what they were working on and I would write it. It is on this holiday I miss my mother and father I miss her contagious laughter as my dad would come home from work with flowers and candy.  He would come up behind her give her a little tap on her bottom to which she would blush, she would turn to my dad in a little girl’s voice say, “Bill stop that.”  Their love was eternal something out of a movie or fairy tale; their love was like Romeo and Juliet except without the tragic end. They taught me everything I know about unconditional love, family and looking for the blessings.  I have seen 13 Valentine’s without my mother and 9 without my father, but because of them I am a true Valentine. 

I made my tag trying a new technique of layering.  I used the heart shaped paper from my pack embellishing it with a butterfly. I found a beautiful rose from graphic fairy along with my theme of women I placed her in the middle of the rose.  I layered the rose by making multiple copies and cutting it and using each piece to add a layer.  I found a quote by Plato that struck a chord with me “At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.”  I find this to be true I hope you do to.  I would like to thank each of you for your comments it has inspired me.  You guy are truly talented and an inspiration. You have inspired me to try new techniques. Next month I will try capturing my process, also known as a trip to Shean’s World. Thank you Elizabeth for starting this, it has truly got my creative juices going. So to everyone HAPPY ME DAY and may each of you have a month full of love, hugs and happy thoughts. 

As Juliet said, “What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet

My new header

This picture I used for my header is one of my maternal grandmother.  This is one of my favorite pictures of her it was taken in 1922 after she won Miss Shriner in Louisiana. She was a striking beauty and a woman of great independence I have a diary of hers from when she was attending a small college in Texarkana in 1918 the things reveal where quite eye opening from the way she held her self in later years. She eloped with my grandfather in 1926 or 1927 and lost him in 1954, she never remarried but enjoyed life non the less. It wasn't until I became older that I grew to appreciate her strength and fierce independence but unfortunately I never got the opportunity to express it to her.  She was a product of her time and her views didn't reflect my own so we butted heads a lot yet as I got older I saw through the mask to understand that her words betrayed her actions. It was then that I gained knowledge that actions of a person mean far more than words can say.  We lost her almost 7 days after my mother at the age of 96, it was as if my mother said come on mom lets travel the world together.  So I am honor Thelma Amanda and all the Thelma's in my life.


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