A Rose By Any Other Name: February’s Happy Homemaker Tag Along

Having the last name of Valentine, February can be either a curse or a blessing.  Growing up my mother made this month even more exciting than Christmas, she would say “This is our month. We are true Valentine’s we
are so special we have a day name for us.”  So I grew up looking forward to February 14th or as I like to call ME DAY, she would shower us with handmade candy, cards, presents and a special dinner.  When I went to school I carried my handmade Valentine’s along with candy to class, with a song in my heart I looked forwarded to the excitement of a day filled with warm hugs.  The only down side was that everyone is class would come up to me and ask how do you spell Valentine after a while I just told them to bring me what they were working on and I would write it. It is on this holiday I miss my mother and father I miss her contagious laughter as my dad would come home from work with flowers and candy.  He would come up behind her give her a little tap on her bottom to which she would blush, she would turn to my dad in a little girl’s voice say, “Bill stop that.”  Their love was eternal something out of a movie or fairy tale; their love was like Romeo and Juliet except without the tragic end. They taught me everything I know about unconditional love, family and looking for the blessings.  I have seen 13 Valentine’s without my mother and 9 without my father, but because of them I am a true Valentine. 

I made my tag trying a new technique of layering.  I used the heart shaped paper from my pack embellishing it with a butterfly. I found a beautiful rose from graphic fairy along with my theme of women I placed her in the middle of the rose.  I layered the rose by making multiple copies and cutting it and using each piece to add a layer.  I found a quote by Plato that struck a chord with me “At the touch of love everyone becomes a poet.”  I find this to be true I hope you do to.  I would like to thank each of you for your comments it has inspired me.  You guy are truly talented and an inspiration. You have inspired me to try new techniques. Next month I will try capturing my process, also known as a trip to Shean’s World. Thank you Elizabeth for starting this, it has truly got my creative juices going. So to everyone HAPPY ME DAY and may each of you have a month full of love, hugs and happy thoughts. 

As Juliet said, “What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet


The rose is perfection. I love what you saw in it. Wonderful. Simply artistic. Thanks for sharing...Renee
Debbie Doughty said…
You are so lucky to have a last name like Valentine! My maiden name was Hose, yes, as in fire, lol! Your tag is beautiful, just like your name. I love the way you layered the rose.
I really like your tag...but most of all I love your writing! What a beautiful story of your parents and a beautiful legacy. Happy YOU day! xo Nancy
Paula Clare said…
The woman coming out of the rose is BEAUTIFUL! Poetry AND art...what an unexpected surprise! I love your frilly, oh-so-Victorian look...great job!

Of course, with a name like Valentine, I would expect you to be a bit of a romantic!
Linda said…
Great tag! I love your post! Thanks for sharing the story. Valentine is a fantastic name! (my last name is Smith!!)
First--loved the story!!!

I thought the rose part of your tag was a silk rose you reconstructed...wow it's paper!!

Your tag is stunning!!
lizzidroege said…
your tag is just stuning, i love the rose it is so gorgeous and the meaning is beyond words......
Sandy said…
Loved your story...and the layered rose...very smart! Such a romantic.. Tags are so much fun to make, don't ya think? I'm having the best time with all the lovely ladies.
Until next time....xoso Sandy O
She'sSewPretty said…
Your tag is beautiful but I love your story even more. How lucky you were to have two parents who loved each other so much! Happy Valentine's Day to you!
Shean, I can't thank you enough for sharing your wonderful family story with us along with your beautiful Valentine. I love these images you are choosing for your theme. A very special day, a very special tag! Thank you so much for participating in our tag along. Elizabeth
Linda said…
A lovely tag and a lovely story....thank you for sharing it with us!
Anonymous said…
What a beautiful job you did with this months tag. The detail in the rose is wonderful. Lovely tag...lovely post.
Nan said…
Loved the story about your loving parents, so sweet such wonderful memories. The tag is just perfect I adore what you did with this.
Valerie said…
Your story is that of LOVE. How could one not love and adore that story? It is the American Dream. It is wonderful. Thank you for sharing your story. It touched my heart. I can say honestly, I give to my kids what I seek. When they are 30 they will not have to guess.. They will know.
frippery said…
Your tag is gorgeous! I have gotten backed up this month and will be posting mine this weekend. Going back to work full time after 23 years as "mommy" has taken a huge bite out of creative time!

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