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Resolution -MCP Project 12

I am participating in MCP's Project 12 go to my sidebar and click on the badge to find out more about this and see others who are participating.  I have had my Sony Cybershot camera for over 4 years, but never really used it in the way it should be used.  When my son decided to take a photography class in college it inspired me to also learn how to use my own camera.  So on January 7, 2012 I took a number of photos of my great nephew during the Houston Texan's first ever playoff game, it is my resolution to help chronicle his childhood.  I used MCP's Magic Blog it action to create this collage of the newest man in my life.  Since his birth I have listened to my son to create photos that can be shared with family, friends and of course his mom and dad.  With other resolutions that have been made I can't wait until the skies are sunny so I can venture out with him and my camera.  Oh what I year this will be watching the milestones.