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Through the Looking Glass

I can't draw this is a fact I have come to accept, my mother's artistic gene left me high and dry. I can doodle weird block head creatures, a wooley bugger or flowers yet true life drawing evade me. There is one thing I could always do as a child that was trace and color. I would spend hours with my coloring books, I had to have 96 crayons because 24 was just not enough (this is still true today)even as an adult I love to grab a coloring book and go to town. Then one day I was surfing the craft blogs to find a article about using watercolor pencils, watercolor paper and tracing to make a colorful piece of art. So I decide to give it a try my first one is still a secret because it is for someone special, but I will share with you the two I did for my niece. She is a great artist she inspires me when we talk everyday on the phone while heading to work, she is a talent not only in art but a beautiful poet and writer. So I did Alice and The Mad Hatter I got the art from Urban Thre…