Through the Looking Glass

I can't draw this is a fact I have come to accept, my mother's artistic gene left me high and dry. I can doodle weird block head creatures, a wooley bugger or flowers yet true life drawing evade me. There is one thing I could always do as a child that was trace and color. I would spend hours with my coloring books, I had to have 96 crayons because 24 was just not enough (this is still true today)even as an adult I love to grab a coloring book and go to town. Then one day I was surfing the craft blogs to find a article about using watercolor pencils, watercolor paper and tracing to make a colorful piece of art. So I decide to give it a try my first one is still a secret because it is for someone special, but I will share with you the two I did for my niece. She is a great artist she inspires me when we talk everyday on the phone while heading to work, she is a talent not only in art but a beautiful poet and writer. So I did Alice and The Mad Hatter I got the art from Urban Threads for embroidery yet I had to do this for her. She is a lot like Alice in her search for herself. So here you go Amanda when you see your mom they will be there. I love you.


Cal said…
Lovely! Don't give up on the drawing. Everyone can learn to see and draw. Many great artists had to learn to draw first. Take a look at Lee Hammond's books. Her before and after pics of tutoring adults are amazing. Not everyone can have an artist's eye. You clearly have. xx
Amanda said…
Thanks Shean! They are absolutely amazing. I dont think you give yourself enough credit. The fact that you have beaten the family curse of getting OCD about one project for a week and then your off to something else the next week. You have found your knack of art, you have followed in your mother's footsteps, and in the process made footprints of your own. That is something that I admire. So take pride in your art...even if you make a mistake, you dont have to look at it as you messed look at it as something that you may build upon to become a better artist. Its been fun watching you grow as a creative mind, and as a person. Thanks for letting me share that with you.
Shean, I can't thank you enough for sending me your lovely block, and water color, and fabric, and my goodness, what a fun guest you are! The glass frame did not make it in one piece, but I really think I want to find something round to show off my mushroom. It is just so cute, I love it! Your work means more than I can say because it reminds me of my mother who could see an artist in everyone! I definitly see one in you! Again, thank you so much for all the kind words you have sent my way! Elizabeth

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