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Sorry so late...

I was lucky enough to participate in a Spring Swap and late in May I received my package from the wonderful Chez Vies in India. Her package was thoughtfully wrapped and when I opened it was floored by what it contained. My hubby was amazed at the beautiful detail in the ribbon embroidery along with the most exquisite ribbons. I have placed it on my wall in the place of honor so that I may look at it for inspiration Thank you again. Sorry I was so late in posting this but now I am able to breath again. Look out for all the WIP because my summer is free.

Looks Like We Made It

Well he did it he graduated this Saturday and I am one happy mother. I never thought I would become so emotional but there I was crying, screaming and jumping up and down as he stepped across the stage. His class graduated 530 students, poor Will was the next to the last row so we had plenty of time to step out to smoke or bathroom breaks without missing a thing. He walked into the arena looking up trying to find the family I thought only later to find out he was looking for a former Texas A&M player’s jersey. We had to drive 78 miles to get him to Reed Arena in College Station on the A&M campus; they have graduated Tomball Seniors along with Magnolia seniors there forever since we are still considered a small town. He had a great party my beautiful sister used her Cricut to make his decorations (I will take pictures of what we have) making sure that when he arrived at her house that the front yard was full of posters with his pictures on it. She slaved in the kitchen to …


I am cleaning out my computer and came across these writings I did about my parents. With my son just graduating I thought I would share them both. I will come back later with a story of his graduation and pictures.

About my father:

He was larger than life to this small girl
Looking to the heaven of his eyes
Taking his hand letting him lead her to play
His voice shook fear through his bones
His love was always giving
Darkness shrouds the bad
Lighting the good that was always there
Watching him tenderly kiss mother
Slapping her behind just to hear her giggle
Love abound in them
Lesson taught to her young soul
One day the light went out in mother’s eyes
Memories of those around her could not be found
He slipped farther into the abyss
He stood by her side nursing her hoping for a glimpse of her former self
The teen-age girl watched love in a different shade
Unconditionally he believed she would come back from the darkness
Angry rises to the top
Angry for the life they would not get to enjoy
God took he…