Sorry so late...

I was lucky enough to participate in a Spring Swap and late in May I received my package from the wonderful Chez Vies in India. Her package was thoughtfully wrapped and when I opened it was floored by what it contained. My hubby was amazed at the beautiful detail in the ribbon embroidery along with the most exquisite ribbons. I have placed it on my wall in the place of honor so that I may look at it for inspiration Thank you again. Sorry I was so late in posting this but now I am able to breath again. Look out for all the WIP because my summer is free.


michele said…
Congratulations on your son's graduation and what a great package you received. Don't you just love mail. You're so lucky to get one from overseas too!
Phiphi said…
Hi, I'm so glad you like them..:). Have a great weekends ^_^

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