Looks Like We Made It

Well he did it he graduated this Saturday and I am one happy mother. I never thought I would become so emotional but there I was crying, screaming and jumping up and down as he stepped across the stage. His class graduated 530 students, poor Will was the next to the last row so we had plenty of time to step out to smoke or bathroom breaks without missing a thing. He walked into the arena looking up trying to find the family I thought only later to find out he was looking for a former Texas A&M player’s jersey. We had to drive 78 miles to get him to Reed Arena in College Station on the A&M campus; they have graduated Tomball Seniors along with Magnolia seniors there forever since we are still considered a small town. He had a great party my beautiful sister used her Cricut to make his decorations (I will take pictures of what we have) making sure that when he arrived at her house that the front yard was full of posters with his pictures on it. She slaved in the kitchen to make sure the food was great I love my sis she made this a memorable time. So with the summer here his diploma in his room and opportunity at his finger tips my little man is no longer little, but he will always be my sweet love.

Click on the image and it will take you to the slideshow of his party and graduation.


Coming soon Will’s first car or the day mom had a panic attack.


Phiphi said…
Congrats, Mama. I guess no matter how big they are they still baby for us. Wish your son all the best for his next adventures in life...:)

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