Virtual Mother's Day

2 years ago during SXSW I had the pleasure I watching one of the most entertaining magician play to a crowd of Diggnation fans his name is Brian Brushwood  Home Page  he is a magician, podcast host for Twit NSFW and scammer extraordinaire on Scam School Scam School. After meeting him during 2009 SXSW I started to watch his podcast called BBLive became a great fan and told my son about it, he to became a fan. On Tuesday during a NSFW episode  74 Michael Rooker and your  Mom  at 35:07 they start to  talk about us. 

During this episode my great son got to send me a Mother’s Day Virtual Card from the great actor Michael Rooker , I have been a fan of his since Eight Men Out and recently The Walking Dead’s Merle.
My favorite part was the flub by Mr. Brushwood saying that my son and I  yearly track is a mother-daughter moment.  Luckly, my son is used to playful teasing  so the reaction had him in stitches.
Today I sent a email to the guys of NSFW to thank them for the card the following is the email
Brian, Justin and all the NSFW gang,

I would like to sincerely thank you guys for the wonderful shot out and great Mother's Day card that I was given.  I was unable to watch the show, but was elated to receive the shot out and card, thou it came with my son being outed.  I worked so hard for years to keep his sex change a secret, but in one slip of the tongue from you Brain it imploded.  I have had to destroy all my precious memories of Wilma as a little girl so that William can raise his head high while in Chatrealm knowing that I did this for his sanity. So thank you guys because living in denial has cause a strain in my mind, but today a weight has been lifted and we are able start anew. 

Really, thanks alot guys I laughed so hard and was deeply touched. You guys are some of the most genuine people I have had the pleasure to meet, keep it up.

Brian, make sure the invisible wife is pampered on her special day.


Shean (pronounced like Sean) Valentine

P.S. the way you guys said my name is how everyone does 

 Here is the direct card.

I feel so loved.


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