Spring Shirt Challenge

I participated in Made by Rae's Spring Shirt Challenge a I am proud to present my effort. This is the first piece of clothing I have ever made and I am so proud of my effort. I used a tutorial of I found on Sew Mama Sew that was provided by Rae. I used fabric I got from Fat Quarter shop which I love my hubby calls it the nipple print along with green broad cloth. As I sewed this I listened to the soundtrack of Spring Awakening and Tina Dalco on my Ipod, it took me 3 1/2 hours on Friday night, but it is done. Hubby was a huge help with getting the straps right and added advice only once did I have to use the seam ripper to take the pleats out because I misjudge the amount of fabric I need to have, I forgot I was a little more chunky then I thought. So thank you Rae for a great challenge and helping me to expand my sewing horizons.


Rae said…
I'm so glad this worked out for your very first project !!! So cool! And too funny about your hub's nickname for the fabric; classic man. (:
Sassy said…
I love it....you did great!
Pinktulip said…
What a great top! I think the fabric is fabulous. Just like a man to see their favorite shapes even if we can't!
Aunt LoLo said…
Ooh, how cute is that!!!

I have a confession to make - your 6 o'clock stitch swap item is going to be a little late. :-( Between out of town guests, a toddler and a newborn...I got a tad behind.

Have a great Mothers day, though, and I'll have the piece out to you shortly!!

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