One Day Your Prince Will Come

My mother wrapped me around fairy tale dreams, gallant Prince's who would sweep you off your feet and you would live happily ever after. I had a plaque she gave me with a frog that said,"You have to kissing a lot of frog to find your Prince." I took that an ran with it. My parent where married for 48 years when my mother passed away, my dad was devoted to her so I grew up with a true sense of what love meant. So it was not odd that I believed in fairy tales and wanted my own. I meet my Prince in 1999 when I started to work at the same place my sister did, it was a year after my mom died and I had a mental breakdown leading me to leave the law firm I worked for. When I first met him I did not like him I thought he was to arrogant and thought to highly of himself (things I usually like), but he started to grow on me little by little. It was during a major computer reworking in anticipation of 2000 that I started to get a little smitten by him. He was the IT guy so I made sure to ask questions, flirt, but what sealed the deal was getting under his desk to plug in a computer in a tight blue dress. I asked him to lunch as a gesture of appreciation for all that he did so one day in September we went to lunch and the rest is history. He was the first man who made me feel calm that I didn't need to talk so much I could be at ease (which for me is huge since I was so chaotic.) I told my sister after this that he was the one that I would be with forever. Ten years later he is still my Prince, we have had some hard times, but more good. He is like my father in a lot of ways, but we keep each leveled. He has helped raise my son from a child to a man instilled in him respect, humor, love, and a sense of purpose. He is my perfect fit. He is a true Renaissance man and I love him more each day. I once asked what is it about me that he loves he said it was because I like him be himself and I love him unconditional which is something that not most people can do. So for my Prince who is the head gardener in my life I give you a glimpse at him.


Triplet Mami said…
How sweet! Isn't it amazing the amount of unconditional love we can give? That truly is one of the most fascinating experiences one could have! You guys are such an awesome couple and I am happy to know you both.

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