Crazy Days in my house

I am sorry for neglecting the blog lately, but with Will’s Prom, Graduation and the party the last few weeks are crazy. So I am playing catch up with everything.

I participated in a spring swap at the six o’clock stitch on Friday one of my partners Aunt LoLo at LoLo Crafts package came in the mail it brighten my day, I loved the butterflies. Butterflies for me symbolize my mother’s spirit, every time I see one I think of her. So having these butterflies hanging in my room I feel my mother looking over me. Many thanks for this beautiful creation. This is it:

My baby is so grown up last Saturday was his senior prom, he decided to go it alone and meet up with a group of friends. My son being the terribly shy had a hard time with asking someone, but at least he went an had a great time. After the prom they have project prom in which those who sign up for it are bused to a location to be locked in until 5:00 in the morning. They went to Dave and Buster’s they played laser tag, video games, had prize giveaways, etc. I was so proud of him as you can see he cleans up well.

Memorial Day was spent with family on a beautiful spring day. My sister had us over for chicken, potato salad, fruit salad and deviled eggs. We enjoyed her backyard laughing and talking. I love the holidays. I hope all had a wonderful day in which we remember our veterans, my brother-in-law dad was one and I spent a moment in his old room to thank him for his service. Now for the pictures

My brother in law with Abbey

Lazy days in the sun

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Aunt LoLo said...

Awww...your little one certainly DOES clean up well!

And I am SO happy that you like your butterflies. You made this hormonal mama choke up a bit. I love to make people happy.

Have a great week!!!!


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