D is for The Dresden Dolls

I found the Dresden Dolls one day about 5 years ago while searching on You Tube for “Mien Herr” from Cabaret when the Dresden Dolls version pop up so I had to listen to it all I can say it was love at first note.  I feel in love with what they call Brechtian Punk Cabaret, a little performance art with a laid back approach to the music and their writing is emotional to the core.  The band is made up of two people Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione yet their sound is powerful and well rounded.  Upon hearing their earlier work I was hooked so much so that I had their cd in my car to run continually for over a month.  They tap into my theatrical sensibility with the over the top way they perform seeing them is like going to the theater you leave feeling like you witness history.  My niece and I constantly share music what we are listening to at the moment from her I have found some amazing artist so when I found The Dresden Dolls I had to share my find and she shared the love I did so much so we had to let my young nephew hear them too.  Last year the Dresden Dolls came to Houston to play in a small venue called Fitzgerald’s this concert fell close to my Niece’s birthday so as a gift I took her and my nephew to see them.  We stood on the balcony level overlooking the stage as we witness’s pure magic as they performed all of our favorite songs we sang along together with about 300 people.  The best part of the night was sharing the moment with my family seeing the joy in their eyes as for a moment we were chained together in mutual respect for the music we shared a passion for. I have seen tons of concerts in my life and this one was one of the best I had ever seen.  Amanda Palmer did a solo album which is also on my continually playlist along with other projects she has done, both are an extraordinary talent.

So for The Dresden Dolls I did a Coin Operated Boy.  He is manipulated by the beautiful marionette who in her search for love has been hurt so much that it is easier for her to live with her coin operated boy.
Until tomorrow with the letter E…..


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