September Happy Homemaker Tag Along

For this month along with my art piece a day I have also completed my September Happy Homemaker Tag.  I call it Post Mod it is simple but I made it with my Aunt Hattie in mind.   She and my Uncle Henry where two extremely hip people in the 70’s I remember their apartment being done up in post modern furniture from the 60’s.  I was just a small girl but my memories of them are still strong when you went to their place there was always a candy dish full of smarty’s a hug and soda to keep you occupied while the adults talked.  Aunt Hattie wore these great black cat eye glasses, wore Capri pants and cardigan set but it was her laugh that was like a witches hackle that was enduring.  She and my Uncle passed away when I was still quite young but their spirits still linger within me every time I have a smarty candy I think of them. 

I used spray ink to create the background, the bodice is from a stamp along with the head and I used blue rick rack to create a chocker and embellished with steam punk sprockets.  The sides are created with a Martha punch.  

Also while you are here please check out my giveaway for free software.  Thanks and come back soon.


Shean, This is such a lovely tag and story. I have so wanted to make Steampunk tags, they are just beautiful. Say! Did you know you won a set of my Christmas ornaments? you did! If you will please e-mail me your address at, I will get them right out to you.
Thank you so much for sharing your art with me!
Shean - Me too - my camera and kindle and husband's cpap! I need to take all of that along with the chargers! I'm leaving right now to go to a rehearsal dinner at Hyatt Regency Lost Pines. Can't believe it's clear there but it is - they are housing a lot of the firemen. I am so proud of our fellow Texans in dealing with this. Stay safe - Nancy

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