E is for Echo and the Bunnymen

Sorry so late getting this up but with Labor Day events with the in-laws I am a bit behind.  I first heard Echo and the Bunnymen while staying at my friends house, he was a great influence in my musical taste introducing me to more British music along with underground acts of the 80's.  It was due to him that I first heard the Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedy's and Echo he was one of the reasons during Junior High I wore a shirt with cockroaches all over it (screen painted) black hammer pants, red bowling shoes, army jacket and shaved the side of my head. Punk and alternative music was my choice during that decade and Echo was just one of the bands that I adored. They had a Gothic overtone for a rebellious youth it was perfect music for the mood.  In 1984 I got to see them live back in the day I was notorious for winning concert tickets off the radio most of the concert I saw was because I won the tickets either for answering trivia questions or just being the lucky caller.  Of course I had to take my friend who got me into their music in the first place as you can see from the ticket I still have we also meet the opening act The Fleshtones who happened to be out in the lobby while we where getting drinks they where nice enough to sign the ticket.  I have spoken about my son meeting his tech celebrities and how I get giddy when that happens, because once when I was young I to had the opportunity to meet some of my musical idols, by chance, or by design and those memories are still vivid.  

My art tonight is something I threw together I drew it and as you can see drawing is not my forte.  It is very grade school chic, but it is a piece of art all the same. The song today is "Lips Like Sugar" as you can see her lips are made of sugar.   I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend and that you where blessed with family, friends and good weather.  We are enjoying the cool front that took us from 102 to 91 I need to see if my sweater still fits for this cool weather :).  Until tomorrow which will be brought to you by the Letter F. 

Good Night


Hi Shean! It was so nice to see your name pop up in my Giveaway! You are one of my Peppermint Elves winner as you recalled his father worked for the CIA! Great memory! If you will e-mail me your address, I will post your elves this week! Thank you so much for your support these past four years!

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