Norah Jones in the background
Light play on the ceiling
Smoke lingers in the air
Loneliness fills the sheets
Promise never kept
Time out for a rest
Restless fears overshadow calm
Sitting wondering what went wrong
Complacence breed discontent
Walls shut out emotions
Fears in childhood
Become scars of adulthood
Searching for meaning
Silence to the past
Blind to the fact
That baggage is not always neatly packed
Is easily carried from place to place
Sheets become sheets again
Silence is a mirror reflecting truth
Walls constructed long ago
Is the barrier from all the world hold
To tear it down would the world end
Is the price worth all the fear?
A price for happiness
For self awareness
A price for love
For a soul to be bare
To be naked to the unknown
To let love truly be felt
No longer an arms length away
No fear of one’s self
Bricks slowly tumble to the floor
Taking that first step out from the prison walls
Touching the earth
Forget self-doubt
Freedom at last no walls to bind
No place to hide
Facing one’s self
Scars will heal lessons learned
Human again.


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