Cameras Eye

Slowly he moves though her senses
Experience by design
Hidden meanings lost within this time
His hand rest upon her thigh
She shakes with fear
Lost in the hidden meaning that she refuses to hear
Soft lights flash before her
Camera of the flesh
Repeating all the memories
Tempting her to regret
Chamber rooms full of skeletons
Hanging from the rafters
Where are the angelic voices
Trying to guide her way
Just hidden meaning lost within this time
He slowly paces her every step
Cunning is he
Following her through every angle
The cameras eye taking her
Her senses grow cold
The sight she has lost
Slowly ever slowly she lose her touch
The demon is to be fought
By her tiny hands
To chase away the regret she just might have
Her hands clasp his neck
As the blood drains from his face
The camera flash fades away
With angelic voices to guiding her way.


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