Barefoot Travelers

A tattered road
Cracks in the asphalt
Driven to the limit by miles of uncaring drivers
She lay by the road
A traveler through life’s unspoken mysteries
An outsider to the norm
Eyes of truth
A sword that carries her heartache
Spoken with passion to the masses
Who have forgotten their place?
In the unearthly things
A rebel with a fight
Fighting for all to have a voice
Silence is a sorrow that she cannot endure
The road is traveled by her bare feet
Resting the cross against her shoulder
Carrying the weight of her true self
For all to see
That in nakedness our souls shine in the eyes of the creator
That we are truly beautiful in his eyes
The fight is not in vain
The white lines on the black asphalt
Blue into gray that guides her to the truth
The road she travels is long
The cross becomes ever so light
Her companion has saved her from her weight
Leading her down the road to the ultimate light.


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