Mirrors surround the room
Reflections showing all sides
Directions for the way life should be
Turn a corner only to hit another obstacle
The seven deadly sins
One for each day of the week
Reflect off the ceilings of the soul
Showing the world a masked face
Hiding behind a shroud to cover the heart
What does it say?
When we hide from that which is true
Mirrors reflect images of what only we can see
Never able to see what others do
Why the mysteries
Why can’t we accept the truth?
When someone looks deeper inside
Takes the time to search for more
Rises us up higher than we ever flew
Why doubt what is reflected not from the mirrors but from their eyes
Smiles that soften even the most damaged heart
Healing the scars like bactine
Letting the deadly sins of the week wash away
Holding the key that unlocks the door
Taking us away from the room
Scattering the glass that judges us so harsh
Escaping with our tattered arms
Embracing the eyes that show us so clearly.


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