New Addition to the Family

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Meet Marcel a stray that found his way to our house last week. We figure he is around 8 weeks old and he is quite the fun little creature. David said he looked like a mime so I decide his name should be Marcel as in famous mime Marcel Marceau since his paws are all perfectly line up the same. We have decided to add him to our group of toads, slugs, fish and though the other two cats are not quite happy with us soon they will love him as much as we do. This is the first kitten I have every had my father hated cats so I did not grow up with them.


SHEAN, YOU GUESSED CORRECTLY! YOU EVEN GUESSED UNCLE BOB FOR NEW ORLEANS EVEN THOUGH THAT WAS TO THROW EVERYONE OFF! If you will send me your address at I will have your package in the mail! Congratulations! Lots of cute cards are on their way to you! Elizabeth
Thank you so very much for reading my stories. That means so much to me!

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