age is a state of mind

Age maybe a state of mind, but most of the time the body is a rebellious teenager.
please excuse the all lower caps my arm is in a sling and i am typing with one finger. two days ago my left arm at the shoulder began to hurt like i slept on it wrong, the first night i slept OK, the next morning it was hurting a little more. i took more alieve and Advil then i should have nothing stopped the pain leading me to the 24 hour Walgreen's at midnight. i called the Dr this morning but couldn't get in to see him until Monday. long story short, i went to the emergency clinic near work because of the pain was told it looks like tendinitis or something arthritic. so pain killers, naproxin and a sling i will get some sleep and Monday i will know for sure. my sister always said after 40 you roll down the hill.

So i may be off grid for a few days, but with the meds and father's day in the country all will be right in the world.


Aunt LoLo said…
Oh, I'm sorry!! I understand the one handed typing - I'm doing it now as I feed my son!!

My father complained of the same pain, until he came to visit me and slept on my crummy guestbed matress. He said it was the first morning his arm hadn't hurt in MONTHS. You're welcome to come sleep on our crummy mattress!! ;-)

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