We Have A Winner

I would first like to say thank you to everyone who came by and let a comment. This was a great experience for my first giveaway, but this will not be my last. I will be making the rounds to everyone's site look for inspiration which you all have in abundance. This was hard to pick a winner because I wanted to share with you all, so I let Random.org do it for me. Drum Roll Please.....

It is Margy of Hmmdesigns. Please check your email.

So please come back I will pour you a glass of lemonade as we sit outside and shoot the breeze.

Hugs to you all


Momilani510 said…
Hi Shean, Thanks for your comment about my Dad today. I hope you read my post that has a photo of my young father and me reading a book. My father in looks and especially voice could have been Gregory Peck, Atticus', twin. He was always mistaken for him when my parents lived in California. Congratulations on your blog giveaway!

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