Happiness In Packages

This weekend has been a tough one with the loss of Gramps and having my hubby and my car broken into. So it was a great afternoon when the mailman arrived baring a package for me. I participated in my first fat quarter swap on I'm a Ginger Monkey's blog, my swap partner from Canada. The package arrived on a day when joy was needed. Package's do that they make you hopefully, because covered in the brown wrapping is a treasure just for you. Someone took the time to think about you. I love packages.

This is the wonderful gift. I have a plan for making a purse out of it.

I was surprised today with a package from Elizabeth at Creative Breathing. I had won an assortment of her handmade cards in a giveaway. Inside her package was inspiration of what I hope my crafting will become. Her stories have touched my soul making me remember long lost memories. I will place her cards on my board of dreams so that they will inspire my creative mind. She is a treasure to be sure.


Shean, Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Many people are posting to say they have similar attacks, but you I think understand about the "noise." I am exhausted so often from the noise in my head. E
I am so glad you like your cards!

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