My Shared Space

So I am new to the whole sewing thing. Since I have been on anti-depressor for anxiety I found that keeping my hands busy helps calm me. So in early October I decided to start embroidery something I had not done since my summer with my aunt. It worked, so I convinced my hubby to pull out his grandmother's old Montgomery Ward sewing machine from the storage. I had never sewed on a machine before so it was a crash course in sewing, so for Christmas that man bought me a Singer Futra Ce150. The question than became where to put the thing, our middle room was called the sorting room for a reason. He is a computer geek who can't seem to get rid of any parts because some day he may need it. I understand this completely..

So the generous man he is clean out half of the room so that I could have my own space, his is the living room. So here are the pictures of the start of my space. It is a work in progress..

Side note those self used to have a ton of books but I went to Bookmooch and found some of the coolest old craft books. Check it out.


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